Can I order online from your factory?2015-03-28T14:51:40+00:00


Yes, you can order online from the factory here on our website and we will process it. But kindly note that we process orders that are worth N200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand naira) and above from the factory.

How do I order smaller/retail quantities?2017-09-22T00:39:11+00:00

For retail, you can order from konga.com, dealdey.com, jumia.com and other online shops that retail products.

We also have distributors and sales outlets that retail our products. Kindly see the outlets here.

Can you deliver outside Lagos?2015-03-28T16:55:39+00:00


Yes, we can if you are ordering bulk quantity and value directly from the factory; otherwise we will refer you to our nearest outlet, in order to save you cost and time.

I want our names and preferred colours, is that possible?2015-03-28T16:56:39+00:00

Absolutely! On your special request, we can brand items to suit your specific needs, whether they be chairs, luggage boxes, coolers and warmers etc. You can use them as your corporate gift items or to give your events a unique look and feel. Please contact us to discuss your need for customization and branding.

I am interested! How do i become a distributor?2017-09-22T00:39:11+00:00

Please visit our distributor page to see details.

I have ideas, are you open to other partnership ideas?2015-03-28T16:58:23+00:00

Yes please. We’d love to hear from you and will dully consider your propositions.